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As one of only four Master sushi chefs in Los Angeles, Chef Katsuya Uechi brings three decades of culinary artistry and restaurant operations expertise to the world. Known simply as “ KATSU” for his distinctive style and first rate execution of high quality traditional sushi. He is recognized as one of the major style setters in the world of Japanese cuisine. The traditionally trained Japanese sushi chef has had great challenges to overcome, relating to the new culture, regional ingredients and inventing his signature dishes using fish and seafood to successfully create his own style of dishes and overall customer experience. Restaurants offers Japanese sushi and classic with inspired dishes including original creations like spicy yellowtail tuna sashimi with crispy rice and jalapeno, and Miso-marinated black cod. Chef’s Omakase” menus (which literally translates to “from the heart” – of chef Katsuya) we have excelled in creative cooking infused with fine ingredients.

Currently we have seven locations in Los Angeles, with more scheduled openings in Woodland Hills and internationally.

Kiwami Bento

Katsuya roll